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Andy English đọc TRAILER: ABU 50th GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2013 Hiệp hội phát thanh truyền hình Châu Á


Trailer clip quảng bá sự kiện ABU 50th GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2013 Hanoi, Vietnam của Hiệp hội Phát thanh Truyền hình châu Á -Thái Bình Dương (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU))

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Clip được Tổng giám đốc Đài Truyền hình Việt Nam Trần Bình Minh mang đi phát tại hội nghị quốc tế và in đĩa tặng tất cả các khách mời tham dự hội nghị tại Việt Nam

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
In my capacity as President of Vietnam Television, I would like to welcome each and every one of you to the 50th ABU General Assembly and associated meetings to be convened from 23rd — 29th October , 2013 in Hanoi-Vietnam, where our key speakers and delegates will converge to discuss and shape the future of broadcasting industry in the digital era. The event will be co-organized by the host country’s Vietnam Television (VTV) and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).
In the world of today, the media and communication have become more essential in terms of helping us to promptly know the current situation around the globe. They play an outstanding role and have a stronger impact upon the social life. Also, media is more widely used to build public opinion and raise awareness because of its inherent ability to reach out a major number of the people.
To successfully convey those precious messages, it is flawed not to account the advanced and pilot technologies which have been developed to cater best the media and communication services. While the multi-platform content delivery, file-based or cloud-based services are becoming more common in the industry, Ultra-HDTV, high scan rate TV and 3DTV will turn into story of the near future story and be widely at service.
For all these reasons, the 50th ABU General Assembly will convene and bring together top experts of the entire broadcasting industry in Asia-Pacific region and the world as well, and through various platforms and forums, to discuss strategies and determine policies of the industry in this most dynamic region of the world.
It has been eight years since the 42nd ABU General Assembly took place in Hanoi, Vietnam. Again, Vietnam Television is very honorable to welcome you all to Hanoi and you will definitely find for yourself significant changes of this beautiful and peaceful capital city of Vietnam.

We wish you great success and a wonderful time in Vietnam.
With the warmest regards,
Tran Binh Minh
Vietnam Television





Andy English Nova
Giảng Viên ĐH, MC, BTV Tiế ng Anh

IELTS Highscorer: 9.0 Speaking 9.0 Listening 9.0 Reading 8.5 Writing

Andy as Voice Talent / Announcer
 2013-2015 • English Announcer for Heineken New Year Countdown & Heineken Live Access
 2013 • Trailer announcer, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union’s 50th GENERAL ASSEMBLY
  Voice artist of VNPT, PetroVietnam Commercials… & 3D Movie Productions from Hanoi3D, 3Dart
  Former MC, Reporter of VTV news



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